Mobile Auto Locksmith Equipment

A mobile locksmith has some distinct advantages over a locksmith that only works out of a storefront. Many locksmith jobs involve changing the locks on houses, opening up cars with the keys locked inside, or other similar tasks that can only be done in different locations. A locksmith that is tied to the store would need to get some replacement help, or close the store, to leave and take care of a job, wasting precious time while the client may be stuck in a bad location unable to enter the car. A trained car locksmith will have a variety of different specialised tools that will enable him to accomplish nearly any locksmith job while on the road, let’s take a look at some of those tools now.

By far one of the most common problems, that people have when they need a locksmith is that they have locked their keys in the car, many times with valuables, or children inside the car as well. For this reason, it’s incredibly important that the mobile auto locksmith has a direct emergency phone number where he can be reached 24 hours a day, and this could be his most important tool of all.

The next most important tool that a locksmith needs to have is a complete reference guide of how to safely open any car manufactured and sold since the beginning of time. This can be in the form of a large loose-leaf notebook, or a computer program to be read on a laptop. This huge database will tell the mobile locksmith the precise location of all the security measures for each different car, of each different style, from all the different manufacturers and the different years of manufacture as well. Due to problems with theft, manufacturers have spent many millions of dollars making their cars more difficult to break into each succeeding year, which also makes the job of the mobile locksmith just as difficult every year.

Once the technician knows the exact entry points into the inside mechanisms of the door lock, he then needs specialized tools that can reach down inside the door, securely grab the mechanism, then move it in the right direction to unlock the door. All of this is usually done without being able to see, only by precise measurements, and the sense of touch can this be accomplished. These tools typically look like long, heavy duty metal rods, with various hooks and bend on the ends, each one designed for a different purpose, in a different car.

Another, quite a common problem with car locks, is having a key broken off in the lock. This frequently happens during the freezing temperatures of winter when water has seeped inside of a locking mechanism and frozen solid. Then the car owner mistakenly applies too much pressure, breaking the key. ATLG have all the tools needed to open up the inside of the door, remove the lock, extract the broken key, and make a new one, all on location.

As you can see, tools of a mobile automotive locksmith are many and highly specialized, only to be used by professionals in the trade. For most of these tools, the technician will need to prove their certification or business ownership to legally purchase them, online or in person.

Occupational Profiles: Mobile Locksmiths

If you are like most adults across the nation, there’s a good chance that you’ve been a patron of a mobile locksmith company at some point in your life. Accidents happen, and locksmiths are often some of the first people called on to the scene when a minor emergency happens. In this sense, mobile locksmiths are largely considered to be helpful and necessary members of any community.

But because most people do not think about locksmiths very often outside of emergency situations, many individuals are unaware of the full of extent of the jobs and duties that come with the locksmith profession. As it turns out, a mobile locksmith’s workday generally only partially consists of unlocking doors for random civilians.

mobile locksmith

For those who want to know a little bit more about the work of a mobile locksmith, here are some of the common jobs most locksmiths do.

1. Unlocking Residential Doors

As previously stated, this is the primary source of interaction between most individuals and mobile locksmiths. Forgetfulness happens to everyone occasionally, and locksmiths are often employed to unlock card, office, and home doors when the owner has lost or neglected to bring their keys.

Most locksmiths are tasked with providing service to a rather large geographical area, as the daily spread of people who get stuck outside their doors and subsequently have to hire a locksmith is fairly wide. The sometimes long distance that mobile locksmiths have to travel between jobs means that they, for the most part, have to be able to handle the vast majority of jobs using just the equipment that they have in their vehicle.

2. Overseeing Foreclosures

One of the most emotionally taxing parts of a mobile locksmith’s profession is taking place in the final eviction procedure. When someone is made to vacate a residence, the handing over of the keys is generally done in the presence of a three-person party, consisting of the bank representative, a local official, and a locksmith.

The locksmith is responsible for changing the locks on the doors of the home once the keys have been returned, thereby preventing the original resident from returning. This process can be stressful, as the mobile locksmith will often have to clear a wide swath of their time and experience a highly emotional procedure. For this reason, some mobile locksmiths will leave foreclosures to specialists, who are less adverse to the challenges that come with such a job.

3. Security Consulting

A service that most mobile locksmiths offer that the average person doesn’t take advantage of enough is security consulting. When buying a new home or other property, the buyer often doesn’t think twice about the soundness of the locks and other security measures. Unfortunately, unsold and unoccupied residences are a magnet for crime, as unsavory individuals are aware of the fact that it’s easier to disable the locks on a house before anyone moves in.

Hiring a mobile locksmith to do a quick check of the locks in the house is a savvy move. This greatly enhances both security and peace of mind, for a very small price. To further ensure the safety and security of the home, new residents can also change all of the extant locks, as criminals can sometimes own keys to the locks that are already being used in a house by way of the previous owner.

In essence, mobile locksmiths perform a wide variety of different jobs. Some individuals may choose to specialize in one type of employment particularly, while other remain generalized. Either way, the work of a mobile locksmith is sometimes difficult and far-flung, but always rewarding.